Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) is an outstanding institution with a proud distinct history in Zambia. Established in 2010 and registered in 2011, CEJ joined the civil society, while carving out its own unique identity.


CEJ believes that a safe environment is a basic fundamental human right and that individual children, youths, women, men and the general population have the right to access quality and accurate information on Extractive Industries, Sustainable Energy, Environmental Protection, Climate Change Policy, Water Security and Agriculture. This will enable them adapt and mitigate and respond to disasters effectively in affected areas at community, districts and national level.


To become a "Centre for Environmental Justice" and action for sustainable development at Community, District and National level.


To empower, enhance and strengthen environmentally challenged communities, youth, children, women and men by involving them in promoting environmental justice and sustainable management of natural resources.

We create platforms and processes that:

  1. promote community access to quality and accurate information  on  extractive industries, environmental protection, sustainable energy, climate  change policy, water security and agriculture with the ultimate aim of  enhancing accountability  for better decision making and sustainable development.

  2. support safe and adaptive environment as basic fundamental human rights to having a better and prosperous livelihoods

Therefore, we actively mobilise public support through information collection and dissemination, policy development and consultation, policy implementation, assessments and monitoring; lobby and advocacy.

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We have fought for social justice. We have fought for economic justice. We have fought for gender justice.

Now we must add a new fight –


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